Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Opportunities

In less than one hour.enought solar energy hits the earth yo meet the world's energy needs for an entire year.By harnessing just a small portion of this abundant energy source,solar power technology significantly reduces the financial and environmental costs of generating and using conventional electricity.

Why are solar panels Environmentally Friendly?

Typical electricity uses fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are a non_renewable enery source,meaning with the use of these fuels the Earth'supply depletes . solar panels use renewable energy-the panels are able to harness the energy received from the sun and channel it into existing.

How can solar panels Lower Energy costs ?

On-grid energy costs are volatile and seem to be ever increasing.As a results,organization cannot predict future electricity expenditures.Energy from solar panels,financed through a Zcat Technology Management allows you to lock in a long-term guaranteed rate for pay a fixed amount (usually equal or less than current electricity rates) for the electricity produced from the solar panels .we installs and maintains the solar panels .thus ,your business or organization can avoid the capital outlay associated with purchasing a solar panel system.